The Best Champagne and Bubbly Wines

Welcome to our Nectar Wine Bar website! If you need to recharge with a sparkling wine or champagne or need a place to unwind and don’t know where to find an affordable, comfortable place with great services, no worries, Nectar Wine Bar is here for all your wine needs. We have the best champagne and bubbly wines suitable for every budget. 


Nectar Wine Bar opened in 2007. Before, it was a small restaurant business of Cathy, the wife of Jeff who owned the Wine Bar. We are inviting you to visit our place and experience the taste of our premium wine selection and other liquor. Behind those glass garage doors built by that stand out in the area, you’ll find the beautiful, welcoming atmosphere of Nectar Wine Bar. We guarantee that you will love the place, liquor, and food. Pair your glass of wine with cheese, an entree of salads, cured meat and gourmet food plus, the exceptional services we have.  


There’s no doubt about how intimidating trying to find sparkling wines and champagne. While it’s exciting to trek through the bubbling wine aisle inside a wine store, it can turn stressful pretty fast when you see the French names marked on the bottle, sumptuous branding, and hefty price tags. Then, you’ll ask yourself, “How much do I pay for it? Does it suit my budget? Is it really good? Will I actually like it?” 


After that, you’ll go into a panic mode, then you will grab the prettiest label, and speed off to your celebration, hoping that it will taste as good as it looks. We’ve been there before and done those things. In fact, Jeff, the owner of Nectar Wine Bar, has been in the business of liquor in his previous life. Using those considerations, we at the Nectar Wine Bar has a lot of offers that are favorable for the customers. Come to our place, so that you will get help from us. For sure all the common mishaps when you’re choosing and buying wine and liquor will be avoided. We will help you to get the best taste for your dollar because we have a wine tasting that you will never need to invest so much.  


Nectar Wine Bar is a place to be seen, whether it’s to unwind after work, take your special someone to a date, meet up with a group of friends, company meetings, or just sit on the seating area with luxurious chairs and soft and comfortable sofas and listen to live jazz and mellow music. You can also choose Nectar Wine Bar for your private events and business functions in-house and on the field. You can hire us to cater your special events such as weddings and birthdays. We would love to work with you to create the perfect memorable event for your friends, family, loved ones or business associates! 


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